Our Ministries


At Beulah Land Baptist Church, our Nursery is a warm and nurturing environment where your little ones can explore, learn, and grow in a safe and loving setting. Our dedicated staff is committed to providing the best care for your children, allowing you to fully engage in our services with peace of mind.

5-11 Sunday school class

Our Children's Class at Beulah Land Baptist Church is a place of fun, faith, and growth. With engaging lessons, interactive activities, and caring teachers, we create a vibrant space for kids to learn about God's love and values. Join us on Sundays for an inspiring journey of spiritual development and joyful fellowship.

Teen department

Our goal is to challenge our teenagers to grow in their understanding and obedience to the Lord. We teach our teens to make the Christian life a personal decision and commitment, not just something they have to do because mom and dad said so. The Bible teaches that the Christian life, which begins at salvation, is a growing daily by putting off the old man and putting on the new, by yielding to the Holy Spirit. This should be practiced by teens as well as adults. We believe that being the right kind of Christian teenager in not just in what you don't do but also in what you do. We, as Christ, are to go about doing good. We strive to give our young people the opportunity to come out from the world and to be separate, a place where they can serve and practice what they have learned. We teach principles and convictions that they can apply in their every day lives.

Adult Bible class

We never get to old to learn and grow in the things of the Lord. We never learn enough, not to need more. The pastor is commanded to both teach and preach the Word of God. The Christian is commanded to study the Word of God. The Adult Bible class has something for each and every person, so that all can grow in the Lord from where they are at spiritually and in the knowledge of the Scripture. The Holy Spirit takes and applies the truth to each and every heart were He sees fit. Each Sunday morning during Sunday School the Word of God is taught, rightly divided, and made practical and applicable to be able to be applied in our daily lives. God's Word tells us that we should not forsake the assembling of ourselves together, this includes not only the preaching of the Word of God but the teaching also.

Wesley House Assisted Living Home Sunday school class

 The Wesley House assisted living home has graciously allowed Beulah Land Baptist Church to conduct an adult Bible Class each Sunday morning at their facility for the residents. This is a highlight for our church. It is a joy to be a part of these dear peoples' lives, and such a blessing to minister to them. It is such a blessing to the church to have these dear ones pray for not only our church but also our pastor. They love to sing the old time Gospel songs and to hear the preaching from God's Word. We have seen several accept Christ as their Saviour and have had one to follow the Lord in believers' baptism. Our people believe that this Sunday School class is a very important ministry and part of our church.